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As you may know, microneedling is a rejuvenating spa service that revitalizes your skin and helps you look younger. It focuses on prompting the derma to rebuild. It’s highly recommended for wrinkles, acne and scarring and is a very popular service at JLounge.

When it comes to microneedling, there are a number of different ways it can be done and they are all a little different. Let’s take a moment to evaluate the different tools and look at how to get the most from your microneedling (also called microchanneling) experience.


Pens, rollers and stampers are all tool options for microneedling. (It sounds more like what you need in your office than on your face!)

First, the pen style. This is a common device used in the cosmetic industry. It glides across the skin while the needle is automatically stamping. This carries the risk of tearing the skin and leaving drag marks or surface scratches. It also provides a less uniform coverage of needle penetration leaving treatment gaps.

Next, let’s look at the roller. Roller devices are rolled onto the skin. With this rolling action, the needle enters at one angle, rolls and exits at a different angle. If performed at a deeper level, this can create more of an opening and can drag the skin. With both the roller and pen, there is a risk of more damage to the skin and you’ll likely have a longer recovery period.

Finally, the one I recommend and use at JLounge – the Procell microchanneling delivery system. It uses an innovative vertical stamping design with fixed needle lengths to manually penetrate uniform, clean and consistent micro-channels into the skin. This allows for a speedier recovery time, as well as, reduced tissue damage and inflammation. It’s a win on all fronts!


As an acupuncturist, I feel that it is important to ground the body and support the nervous system before and after a microneedling treatment, so I use a holistic, integrated philosophy for this service. This includes working with grounding stones, acupressure points, and giving you a warm wrap.

A couple other highlights of our integrated approach include:

  • Before performing the microneedling treatment, we apply our JL ESSENCIALS Rose Complete Restorative Full-Spectrum Serum with CBD. This helps reduce discomfort as well as inflammation. It also contributes to the healthy stimulation of cell turn over and smells incredible.
  • We use Livra Microchannel Delivery Solution containing Hyaluronic Acid and a sophisticated array of healing Stem Cytokines, peptides and growth factors that amplify tissue volumization, wrinkle reduction, clarification, firming & toning.
  • More isn’t always more, and deeper isn’t always better. We needle the skin at a depth which triggers a bio-signal communication to the basal skin cells to reproduce and heal without causing damage or injury to the body.

Stimulations vs injury and inflammation, and information via bio-signals vs damage and destruction. We weren’t the first to come up with this approach. A technique very similar to the stamping style of microneedling has been practiced in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It’s called plum blossom. It is mostly used to treat pain, reduce inflammation and irritation in the skin, and balance the meridians. It’s a very well rounded approach and one that’s been tested over time. That’s why we chose Procell microchanneling delivery system for JLounge and our clients. It will give you the most from your microneedling service.

If you haven’t tried this yet, I highly recommend it, especially if you are dealing with rosacea, scarring or wrinkles. If you’ve gotten this treatment in the past, consider getting one again. It’s best to get them every 4-6 weeks and do multiple treatments to see the best results.

Amelia Vargas is an Acupuncturist and Esthetician at JLounge Natural Nail Bar & Spa in Boulder, CO. She’s passionate about supporting women in their journey to glowing, healthy skin and overall wellness. It is her philosophy that our skin is a map to our internal body and outer beauty is a reflection of inner health. When not in the spa she enjoys spending time in nature with her husband and two boys.

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