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Our very own JL ESSENCIALS Remedy Relief was featured in OUTSIDE Magazine as Pro Climber Emily Harrington’s favorite recovery tool! Harrington says, “it’s warm and tingly” and provides quick, relaxing relief. Check out the great article below.

An excerpt from Outside Magazine: 

Pro Athletes Share Their Favorite Recovery Tools

The internet is full of gizmos to help your body bounce back from training. These stand out.

By Emma Athena – May 11, 2020

If you’re an active person, surely you’ve heard these messages before: Stretch, it’s good for you. And do mobility exercises. Recovery is the key to health and training progress. 

The thing is, they’re true. And recovery, especially, is essential to peak performance and should be treated with the same attention we give to physical training. “If you don’t recover properly, you diminish the work capacity you can take on in your next workout,” explains Steve House, a professional climber and coauthor of Training for the New Alpinism and Training for the Uphill Athlete. In other words, if you want to lift more weight, run faster or longer, or increase the intensity of your Zoom HIIT class without getting injured, you’ll need to help your body recover properly in between training sessions. With many of us spending more time than ever at home, now is the perfect opportunity to establish good recovery habits. 

The array of specialized tools and methods available to help you do this is dizzying, from foam rollers, massage balls and guns, and salt or ice baths to websites, apps, and even lotions. How do you tell the gimmicky from the truly helpful? You ask the pro athletes putting their bodies to the test every day. 

Emily Harrington, climber

(Photo: Courtesy JL Essencials)

JL Essencials Remedy Relief CBD Balm ($69) 

Though Harrington, a professional climber, now resides in California, she grew up in Boulder, Colorado, where her aunt still lives and runs the skin-care company JL Essencials, which makes organic, plant-based salves, oils, and serums. Harrington applies the mixtures to alleviate everything from sore muscles to worn skin.

Her favorite product is the Remedy Relief balm, which blends full-spectrum CBD hemp extracts and arnica, an herb that’s part of the sunflower family, to soothe aches. Cayenne pepper and peppermint oils stimulate circulation. Altogether, Harrington says, “it’s warm and tingly” and provides quick, relaxing relief. 


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