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If you’ve been on any social media site recently, chances are good you’re familiar enough with the idea of CBD. Right? This therapeutic part of the cannabis plant is allowed to be harvested and sold, even when the high-inducing chemicals aren’t. It’s becoming more and more mainstream, and we’re now seeing it in coffee shops as an add-on to your cup of coffee, in beauty and personal-care products, among others. For all of its therapeutic qualities, what is so incredible about it is its versatility.

Take our Peppermint Zen tincture for example. You can use our high-quality mixture of peppermint, jojoba and certified organic, vapor-distilled CBD oils and put a few drops across your skin as a moisturizer, but you can also place a few droplets under your tongue for optimal absorption or into some hot or iced tea for a smooth, calming effect. Part of what makes our USDA certified CBD so effective, is the process of vapor distillation, which uses heated air and a proprietary condensation method to extract a more potent CBD product. We’ll spare you the science (believe us, the chemistry is dense reading material!) but our CBD is also full-spectrum — a fancy term meaning each drop of it is more effective and potent — allowing us to make products you can use for fabulous skin, and to help you achieve your own inner zen.

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